Mark Mielke mark at
Thu May 26 00:34:40 PDT 2011
Hi all:

I've attached a patch against Slony-I 2.0.4 that we are currently using 
to allow our PostgreSQL 8.4.8 + Slony-I 2.0.4 work properly with 
EnterpriseDB + EnterpriseDB's version of Slony-I 2.0.4. Please 
take a look and see whether you agree that this should be incorporated 
up stream.

It's a very trivial patch - but I guess it implies that Slony-I 
introduces recognition of EnterpriseDB's build of PostgreSQL more 

I had a similar patch against Slony-I 2.0.6 that I can provide if this 
patch file isn't good enough - but due to EnterpriseDB still 
distributing Slony-I 2.0.4, we're version locked on Slony-I 2.0.4 for now...


Mark Mielke<mark at>

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